“In 2019, while taking a break from work, I decided I wanted to travel the world. Online research was tedious and time consuming. Most websites were pushing me to make a booking. What I wanted was to speak with a local expert for authentic local advice.“


Postcard is an online travel platform that helps travellers schedule 1-hour zoom calls with local travel experts to personalise their trips.

We do what we do because we believe storytelling has the power to encourage transformational travel and promote sustainable tourism. Stories help global travellers connect with local communities and share their experiences with the world.

The spirit of our project evangelises this quote by Marcel Proust.


Postcard helps travellers save time doing research online.

Travellers spend a lot of time online trying to find authentic local advice. It’s not easy, as good advice is either scattered across multiple websites or lost in the noise of social media.

Postcard invites local travel experts to inspire travellers with local stories about people and places. These include stories of people, culture, history, food, nature and wildlife. Inspired travellers schedule and book a 1-hour zoom call with the experts for personalised advice.