1. About Inblox.Me Inc (“Safle”)

    1. Inblox.Me Inc is an entity registered under the laws of Wyoming, with Filing ID : 2020-000965166 (“Safle”).
    2. If you have any questions about the Safle ID service (the “Safle ID service” or the “Safle ID”), you can visit our website www.getsafle.com or contact us via email : hello@getsafle.com
    3. Safle ID signifies a user name registered with our website or portal as a unique web address for purposes including but not limited to digital identity of users, enablement of transfer of funds and transactions thereof, search and discovery of the user, assertion or confirmation of the user identity in an online environment, enablement of single sign ons systems and other activities of decentralisation of user data. Safle IDs are non-custodial, which means Safle cannot access or modify the information associated with the Safle ID like your wallets or make any transactions with it.
  2. Contract & Scope of Application

    1. Safle delivers products and services for identity management, verification of identity and such related user cases as mentioned in 1.3 above. Safle is thereby a Service Provider for the issuance and management of unique usernames for true digitization of users identity.
    2. These Terms & Conditions are applicable to all products and services delivered by Safle.
    3. These Terms & Conditions are the foundation of the binding agreement between you (person or organisation) and Safle. The Terms & Conditions exclude any other Terms & Conditions, which may be stated elsewhere or agreed upon elsewhere. In addition to these Terms & Conditions you may be required to accept product specific Terms & Conditions. These will be made available to you during the registration/application process, where applicable.
    4. These Terms & Conditions will apply to all aspects of the relationship and the contract between you and Safle, unless Safle has otherwise expressly agreed elsewise, in writing. Unconditional acceptance and agreement of these Terms & Conditions is implied.
    5. Before being able to register for a product and/or service, you need to read and explicitly agree to these Terms & Conditions. To legally accept these Terms & Conditions you must have reached the legal age in your country of residence. This means that you are able to legally enter a binding contract.
    6. The Terms & Conditions will continue to apply whether or not the application process, and/or verification of your identity, is successful.
    7. Safle reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time. The modified version will apply as soon as Safle has published them on the website. Once the Terms & Conditions change you will be required to read and accept them on your next use of your account.
    8. If you are not in agreement with any modified or revised Safle Terms & Conditions, you should no longer use the Safle ID services. In that case you can contact the Service Desk who can arrange the deactivation of your account. You can reactivate your account within 30 days after deactivation by logging in and accept the Safle Terms & Conditions. After 30 days, your account is deleted.
  3. Our Service

    1. When you register for any product, you will need to register for an account. The process of verification may begin upon beginning registration and includes the validation and verification of the data that you, and other sources, have provided.
    2. To complete the registration process, you will need to submit all of the data required, like your email confirmation. If you do not supply all of the required data it will not be possible to verify your identity and/or organisation, and we will be unable to provide you with the product you require.
    3. If the registration process is successful then Safle will make the product available to you via use of/or within your account, and the registration process will be complete.
    4. The Safle ID shall not be transferable from one person to another as these are generated based on personal details of the user.
    5. If the registration process results in no confirmation and/or no verification, the application will be rejected, and the product will not be made available to you, as the case may be.
    6. The decision to approve or reject applications for Safle’s products and services remains for Safle at all times.
  4. Products

    1. At Safle, you are able to register/apply for the products listed on our website, including but not limited to Safle ID service, online connecting of ethereum wallet or such other wallet(s) as may be stated post registration at the portal, as well as generation of public and private keys for the functionality of the service, to which these Terms & Conditions apply. It applies to all our software products including all integrations to either internal and / or other API integrations or non API integrations.
    2. The use of our service is described in these Terms & Conditions and product specific Terms & Conditions, as the case may be.
  5. Product Validity

    1. For us to verify accounts it may be necessary to revalidate users within 180 days of first registration. If this revalidation is successful then no further validation will take place, and the account will remain active unless a request for deactivation or deletion has taken place. During the revalidation process users may be asked to provide a new identity evidence.
    2. You may be required to either connect your existing Ethereum wallet to the service at your own risk, with Safle acting as a non custodial wallet service or you may use the wallet file so generated during the registration process for the purpose of pushing on the wallet onto the Ethereum Blockchain. We don't guarantee safety of user's funds as the same is controlled by the user. If a user loses the seeds, we cannot recover the user's wallet. The only recovery mechanism is through seed phrase when the device is lost. We cannot reverse the transactions and also cannot settle the dispute arising out of it as all transactions are P2P (Peer to Peer) in nature.
    3. Safle may end their service of offering Ethereum wallet connections or allowing external wallets to be connected through their service, at any time without notice.
    4. Accounts and/or contracts requiring KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance cannot be transferred. Such applicants, personal or organisational, must register for their own account.
  6. Notice to Relying Parties

    1. Safle recommends that relying parties verify the validity or revocation of the registration details using their own methods of verification.
    2. Safle recommends that relying parties take account of any limitations on the usage of the registration or service indicated either in the Terms & Conditions, or in any Safle ID generated.
    3. Safle recommends that relying parties take the precautions prescribed in agreements and elsewhere.
    4. Safle recommends that relying parties check the validity of claims by users owing Safle ID either by verification with Safle or via the complete verification chain to the trusted root.