The Client: Rotageek

Your go-to Rotations and Schedule Management tool

Rotageek was founded in 2009 by two medical doctors and a tech guru who wanted to make the rotations and schedule of an Accidents & Emergency Department fair, flexible and simply better.

A step into retail and a few years later saw the company evolve into an award-winning, best-in-class employee scheduling solution that has re-invented how rosters are done.

<aside> 🔥 Rotageek has raised over 13M GBP in seven funding rounds (Crunchbase). O2, GAP, RAC, Lush and Sephora are among the big names that relay on the Rotageek solutions to maintain their teams' performance and schedules at their best.


                                                      Rotageek Dashboard Preview

                                                  Rotageek Dashboard Preview

The Mission: Interim Product Manager to Ramp Up Product Teams

We joined to support and assist the team with establishing and reinforcing a Product Team and Processes to better align with the engineering team. This came with a range of sub-missions and tasks to be done, among them: cleaning up the backlog, working on Product discovery, redefining how tickets are written, clarifying what is/was agreed with the client for the whole team to understand, improving the roadmap.

How We Helped

Onboarded Very Fast

After 3 months with no Product Leadership, we needed to intervene quickly. We needed to jump right into getting a pulse of how their Product Process was and to break it down to see what has to be done. We also needed to identify commitments based on pre-determined timelines and map the commitments and their complexity to see which priorities to deliver.

First deliverables within the first 3 weeks:

  1. Creating templates and agendas that could be utilized routinely in every ceremony.
  2. A user flow to illuminate the complexity of the Product.
  3. A competitive analysis for feature benchmarking.

Mission 1: Rolling out the UK National Health Services Trusts

The client had secured a contract with the NHS (National Health Services) for their ESR (Electronic Staff Record) but at the time they did not have a Product Manager and things needed to be done to deliver the contents of the contract and what was expected.

The scope of this mission was not limited to one contract because ensuring a good delivery for the NHS project was also tied to making sure the internal processes and workflow are done properly for all other endeavors.

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