All things Orbit: people, product, processes, principles, and much more! The Orbit Company Handbook is an open, transparent, and living blueprint and should not be considered to be a finalized document. It will be undergoing constant changes, improvements and iterations.

<aside> ‼️ All structure, governance, content, values, policies we choose to adopt, how we work, and such, is to always be viewed as “work in progress” and should be susceptible for change at any given time when improvements are suggested, tested and implemented.


Team & Company

Why the name Orbit?

Product Story

Our Values

Team Directory

Glossary (v.0.1)

Rituals & Processes

Rituals & Regular Meetings

Performance Reviews

Product & Engineering

Product Development Process (v.0.5)

Development Process

Tech Stack

Way of Working

Our Guiding Principles

Our Agile Ceremonies & Artefacts

Career Ladders

Communication Cheat Sheet

Policies & Rules

Acceptable Use Policy of Orbit Systems & Hardware

Appropriate Conduct at Orbit

Policies in Spain

On-Call Routines

Incident management