Welcome to Impala!

Inside this handbook, you'll find lots of information that may be handy in helping you decide to join our high-speed journey!

This isn't merely a written collection of procedures or perks; it's our guide to understanding who we are, how we work, and what we're aspiring toward as a team.

This also doesn't cover everything about life at Impala; it just includes some relevant pages from our Internal Handbook! Our full internal Handbook will be available upon joining us. 😊

If anything is unclear, just ask. (We promise not to be weird or arse-y about it!)

About us

Just a bit about who we are, what we do, things that make us us...

Purpose, Vision & Mission

Core Values & Culture

🎉 Our Culture Deck

💜 Our D&I Deck

Being 'High-Performance' at Impala

Flexible Working Policy @ Impala

Remote communication agreements

FYI: It's Okay To...

Benefits, Perks, Wellbeing, Allowances, Enjoying Impala!

Just a bit about things we offer and how we help support wellbeing and health...

Benefits & perks

Coaching with Sanctus

Global Mobility as a Benefit!

Holidays & time off

(Mental and Physical) Health & Coping Pledges

Traveling for work

Keeping it Human

Just some of the themes we care about and act upon...

Environmental impact

An Extroverts & Introverts Guide to Async/Remote Working

Equality, diversity & inclusion