Effective: April 01, 2021

Frank is a platform for non-management workers to work together towards common goals. In this spirit, Frank must be a community built on trust, safety, and respect for fellow workers and our shared goals. We are committed to upholding this Agreement and we rely on you to do the same.

Adherence to this Agreement is a requirement for using Frank and our Services. Failure to do so will result in actions up to and including the termination of your Frank account.

Please be aware that some violations of the conditions below are also violations of federal labor law. If you attempt to join, interfere with, or access Frank while you are employed as a manager, supervisor or in the human resources or legal departments at your organization, acting as a representative for those functions, you may be in violation of Section 7 & 8 of the National Labor Relations Act. Frank will pursue all violations of this requirement to the fullest extent under applicable law. You may also be required to pay punitive damages to Frank. We encourage you to review our Terms of Use in detail to fully understand the potential consequences of this illegal behavior.

Please be aware that your failure to abide by this Agreement could result in termination of your Frank account or other legal liability.

We believe strong, united communities are essential to successful movements -- thank you for helping us build ours. Our commitment is to building a product that focuses on the safety, inclusiveness, and advocacy of all workers and we will take strong actions to protect the community at Frank.