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About us

🔮 Our mission The financial system is in trouble. It’s just not working for most people. The cost of living is increasing faster than salaries, inflation is eating away on hard earned savings, and it seems like there’s no end to how unfair the game is. But, there’s always light for those that dare look for it. Dealflows mission is to back the brave entrepreneurs who do with financial superpowers.

📲 Our product Dealflow is the only AI-powered financial assistant that helps online entrepreneurs do free global transfers and unlock their cash flow in one place.

📖 Our origin We care about founders and the self employed. Read our origin story here.

Our values

Put creators first

We want to see more people who dare to create. This is why our mission is to make freelancers, entrepreneurs and self employed people more effective. Just imagine a world where more people are able to build their dreams? That's the future we want to create.

It's always day 1

Every new day is your chance to start again. It's about showing up with a fresh mindset, open for new opportunities and challenges. It's also about doing great work, improving with small steps every day. Improve just 1% every day, and you'll increase your value with 3700%+ over a year.

Empathy must win

It's easy to fight others. All you have to do is follow instincts from the primal brain. However, it never ends well, because you'll just teach the other person to be aggressive back at you. If you want great relationships, you must show understanding when you want to bite. Empathy must win.

Founder vlog

From my first venture, where I helped raise over €700k+, build a team of 8, and build the strategy that later allowed us to reach over 200k+ users.


Life at Dealflow