Why GenUnity Exists

To build an enduring, equitable society, we must support everyday people, who stand in solidarity with the community's needs, to use their power to push for justice.

That’s why it’s GenUnity’s mission to strengthen the capacity of everyday adults to critically evaluate, navigate, and drive change on community issues, a capacity we call civic wellbeing.

Today, millions of us, especially from underrepresented and undervalued communities, face structural barriers - whether uncompensated time, poor civic education, or obscure decision-making processes - to doing so.

At GenUnity, our 10-week, 2-3 hours/week community leadership programs support everyday adults to unpack issues, learn civic practices (e.g., appreciative inquiry), build new relationships, and develop plans for how they can uniquely drive change. Members translate their growth into sustained action as part of our lifelong community.

We are already seeing impact in real-time. Our members are driving systemic changes in their local and state governments - whether through introducing legislation, collaborating with local governments on new projects, or supporting the efforts of existing nonprofits.

GenUnity was co-founded in 2019 by Jerren Chang and Nimisha Ganesh, while they were graduate students at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. GenUnity was recognized as one of the “22 Startups to watch in Boston in 2022” and a President's Innovation Challenge finalist. GenUnity was also part of the Harvard Innovation Labs' Venture Incubation Program and Harvard Business School's Rock Accelerator.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds to apply and are deeply committed to values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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