Before you start, please download the firmware zip package below to your Android or iOS device.

To begin, get nRF Toolbox for your device

Then follow these steps

  1. Open nRF Toolbox
  2. Tap "DFU"
  3. Tap "Select File" and load the zip file you downloaded (if you select "User Files" you can find directions on how to load the file from iOS). If you're prompted, select "Distribution packet (ZIP)".
  4. Select "Application only" and press OK
  5. Tap "Select Device" and look under "Available Devices"
  6. Find Wave and select it (it might be called "Firmwave Update")
  7. Tap "Upload" and wait for the update to finish

nRF Toolbox on Android.

nRF Toolbox on Android.

If you run into any problems, or have any questions, please reach out to us at