Welcome to the Generation She High School Clubs program. We are so excited to have you as a leader!

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💫 How to Apply?

1. Register with your school.

Read through your school guidelines and complete any necessary steps. Please use this onboarding guide to set up your club and follow our brand guidelines.

2. Assemble your team.

Form an executive board to bring your club to life! Use the “Club Officers” section in Sample Club Constitution as a resource when figuring out your team roles.

3. Officially register with Gen She!

Submit an application to us to be featured on our website and get access to our workshops and curriculum. The application to officially register your club with Gen She is here. Applications are accepted on a rolling monthly cadence.


Getting Started

Sample Club Constitution

Club Structure

What Sets the Generation She High School Clubs Program Apart

Communication with Core Team & Re-Registration Process

High School Clubs FAQs

Following Our Brand Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Design Resources

HSC Design Guidelines

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⭐ Values


Go out of your way to bring joy to others! Gassing up others, hype women, vulnerability and genuine compliments are all welcome and encouraged.


We’re all in different stages of personal and idea development, let’s help each other grow. And always remember, everyone is on their way.


Share opportunities and resources, and offer help without expecting something in return


Make space and help others feel welcome