While I certainly have an appreciation for art, it's the type of appreciation where I just appreciate it without having much knowledge. I usually stumble into clusters of information rather than actively and methodically seek them. This way, I'm constantly "discovering" art movements and y'know, real art things, in the cadence of my own life.

My most recent "discovery" is impressionism. More specifically, the paintings of Van Gogh. I was reading about his life and his periods of extreme productivity. Ultimately what he captured in his paintings were merely his surroundings. If he was in the countryside, he drew a lot of countryside day to day life. I also went on an adventure with Tracy a few weeks back and we just sat on a downtown uptown block and drew for a few hours.

Between these two experiences, I have been experimenting with doing just that: capturing my surroundings. Inevitably, just that replication alone expresses ideas in what you choose to capture - like in photography. In not having to generate what I want to draw, I also have more of an opportunity to explore drawing styles.

<aside> 🦉 I put em on me webby site: https://www.lisaguo.design/sublurb


This is my second 5 x 7 gallery collection: Sublurb


People out in the hydro field picking dandelions. They're said to be edible and quite healthy.


I chose to make all the faces random colours. This is a girl sunbathing in her backyard.


The congregation of the Chinese grandpas at the local plaza next to the bakery sounding angry but that's just how they sound.


The lone hustler at the schoolyard basketball court perfecting his game... or not?