Hi, I'm Christian! I angel invest in early-stage technology companies coming out of Europe. Since 2017, I've invested in +25 companies, some of which have gone on to raise follow-on capital from world-leading venture capital firms. My cheques are ~$50-100k and I prefer to invest in your initial round, but being first is not a hard requirement. I'm not investing in specific themes and in the past I've gotten excited by anything from payroll automation software to mixed-reality gaming platforms.

My Story

I made my first investment when I was fourteen. I used most of my savings to buy shares in my favourite football club (I lost 80% of my money). When I was twenty, I started my first company, which I ran while earning my university degree. I started another company when I graduated in 2016. We raised some early funding but unfortunately failed a year later. Following my experiences with the second company, I thought there was some room for improvement on the local investor scene, so I got together a small fund and started writing pre-seed cheques - first in Denmark, then the Nordics, and today all over Europe from my home base in London.

I love working with founders just as things are coming together, and I've been lucky enough to see some really great early-stage journeys unfold. Fundamentally, I believe that a good angel investor should be a smart and friendly sounding board, as well as help founders be successful at securing follow-on capital. And those are really the two areas that I've worked to excel at for the past four years. I'm a proud generalist investor, who'll always be an honest strategic advisor, but likely can't help you hire 10 engineers or sign 20 customers within a certain vertical.

Portfolio Companies

Latest Portfolio News

Payroll automation startup raises $15.6M Series A led by General Catalyst

PortalOne raises $15M from Atari and more for a new hybrid gaming/TV show app

Beekeeper completes multimillion deal for Irish start-up Lua

Digitail, an app for vets and their customers, raises $2.5M seed round led by byFounders

GRID Raises $12M in Series A Funding led by NEA to Revolutionize Data Work