It’s been a few months since we first discussed the ability to schedule a journal on Futureland. Back then, we wondered if this new functionality would work and how it would change our tool. Now we know it’s something that you use and it expands the ways you can use Futureland in your life.

More recently, our community has been noting many quirks with scheduled journals on Futureland.


The common understanding of a “streak” is how many consecutive days you have done something, but a streak on a scheduled journal can basically mean anything. It could mean you did something once a year or once a month. By treating these streaks as equals on Futureland and by not clearly establishing the differences between these streaks, we have confused our community and our core team leaving opened ended questions about how these streaks work or should work resulting in a lack of trust in the functionality.

The purpose of this document is to propose improvements that will address this problem.

Community frustrations: