<aside> 💡 So, you have your fundraising event, but how will you get people to participate? Consider the tips below to make your fundraiser as effective as can be!


  1. Make an eye-catching flyer: Design a flyer for your event that is fun, provide the information needed to participate in the fundraiser and where/when it will be. If there's a sign up involved, be sure to add a QR code!
  2. Alert the media: Write a press release about the event to send to local radio and news outlets. Let them know not only what the fundraiser is, but why you are holding it and why they should cover it. Don't forget about your local campus media!
  3. Get social: Promote you fundraiser on social media using graphics and tagging organizations that you think would be interested in participating. If you are including any other businesses or organizations in the fundraiser be sure they are promoting the event on their social channels. Be creative with this! Include interactive stories, IG reels or Tik Toks, videos, and any other engaging forms of media!
  4. Make a class visit: If your fundraiser is targeted to a specific major or academic audience ask professors of those classes if they can make an announcement in class or if you can visit and speak at the beginning of class.