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Every day, the ****supplier department ****of ****the fulfillment company receives an e-mail from a supplier with a 50-pages pdf attachment. The supplier department needs to modify the document and forward it to a delivery department.

Earley, one of the employees manually operated the processes. It cost about 1 hour every day, caused errors, and had a delay between receiving the supplier's e-mail and starting the process around 1-5 hours.

An employee was doing the following steps manually: 1 - Download a document from e-mail and rename it 2 - Split the document into 50 separated pages (50 invoices) 3 - Add a template of a purchase order after each invoice 4 - Copy bar-codes from invoice to a relevant template of a purchase order 5 - Combine all the invoices and purchase orders into a new 100-pages document (invoice 1 - purchase order 1, invoice 2 - purchase order 2, etc..) 6 - Send the new document to the delivery department by e-mail

Here is a short overview of what should be done:

video 1. The short overview of the process

video 1. The short overview of the process

Goals for the automation:

1 - Save employees working time 2 - Decrease errors in the final document 3 - Increase speed of processing a document 4 - Increase response speed to the supplier inquire

Challenges during development:

There were some technical issues in the integration of and integromat, which sometimes caused unexpected interruptions of the scenario. But thanks to the support of, they took all my feedback into account and have updated the integration. Since the update, everything works fine.

Also, there are some limits of paid plans at both platforms - and integromat. So it was necessary to investigate which plans will completely cover the task. Especially quantity of credits at and maximum scenario execution time in integromat (as scenario could take up to 30 min )

Results of the automation: