The Fringe Legal Summit has nearly 30 speaks from around the world. We have expanded the summit to two days - 6th and 7th May 2020.


One of our guiding principles in planning this the summit is to make it as accessible as possible. We are targeting three core geographies - 🌏 US Central (GMT -6), UK (GMT 0) and Sydney (GMT +9) - this creates a fun logistical problem.

In order to accommodate for this we want to ensure that:

👉 each session is recorded

👉 schedule the talks so that they are suitable for at least 2 out of 3 time zones

👉 every person that registers gets access to the talks (even if they can't attend)

👉 it's as easy as possible for the speakers to deliver talks for their target geography

The summit has over 20 speakers, we know you watch them all. As long as you register, you will have access to view the talk recording after the summit is over.

Talk types 📢

There are three types of talks being delivered, and by now you have been allocated one. It will either be:

  1. Panel: you + a couple of friends
  2. Interview style: the host will ask you questions (talk show style)