New Templates 🐙


  • 45 new templates! ✹
    Customized for design, engineering, product management, sales, marketing, human resources, students, personal productivity, and more! Instructions included inside each one.

  • Refreshed template picker
    We put the template picker 1-click away at the bottom of your sidebar for easy access. And we made it easier to navigate based on what you want to do!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Last week we did nothing but fix bugs (65 in total)! We already reached out to everyone who reported a bug that we fixed, but here are some of the good ones:

  • We improved performance across the app, including in the editor and database tables.

  • The @mention popup will no longer cover the text you are typing.

  • We fixed a bug where relations to deleted pages did not get removed.

  • We added support for HEIC format images uploaded from iOS devices.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from using a keyboard shortcut in the desktop app until you clicked into the window.

  • We made our PDF and HTML exporters more reliable.

  • We made our CSV importer more reliable.

  • Currencies will always round to 2 decimal points (or none for Won and Yen).

  • We fixed a bug preventing users from persisting edits when they have tracking blockers installed.

  • We fixed a bug that caused some users to briefly appear offline when re-opening the mobile app.

  • We fixed a bug that caused dates to display incorrectly in the mobile calendar view.

  • The app will no longer crash when you try to edit a database date property in Arabic.

  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused copy+paste to fail on table cells with files.