workspace structure

**t.backyard                                 t.home**
		-  **t.garage**           <============>   >> **t.garage**
		-  **t.workshop**         <===| |======>   >> **t.garden**
					- t.desks           | |            =] tasks database: *timeline, sorted by priority*
					- t.projects        | |            =] habit database: *track view, today view*
		-  **t.attic**            <=| |========>   >> **t.workshop**
					- t.resources     |   |            =] desks database: *gallery*
					- t.bits          |   |            =] projects database: *unfinished projects*
					- t.entities      |==========>   >> **t.attic**
		-  **t.garden**           <=====|            =] resources database: *last 10 added*
					- t.tasks                          =] bits database: *last 10 added*
					- t.habits                         =] entities database *(with pronouns)*
	  **-  t.tags**


the workspace is structured like so:

$$ \text{dump\it{~(garage)}}\gg{}\text{collect\it{~(attic)}}\gg{}\text{construct\it{~(workshop)}}\gg{}\text{commit\it{~(garden)}} $$


first is Dump (which i've labelled "garage" in the workspace to extend the "house" metaphor).

this is for dumping everything in your brain. in the page, it contains a linked database so you can toss your thoughts where they belong. after that's done, you can go to the workshop, attic, or garden to sort out the items.


second is Collect (which i've labelled "attic").

this is intended to be where you store things and information. i've put down three broad categories of items: resources, bits, and contacts.

resources are things you want to refer back to. this includes articles, threads, pinterest items, reference material, as well as your own works. it's important to tag these items well so you can refer back to them along with items in the same tag/category.

bits are concepts or ideas. i personally used these for my study notes so i can refer back to every reference to a particular concept that crops up commonly in the same area. for example, Existentialism is a concept that is pretty common so making a Bit for it makes sense.

entities are people or organizations. by having a single list for contacts that is easily updatable and accessible, it becomes a lot easier to remember who can do what and be able to call on them when you need help.


third is Construct (which i've labelled "workshop").

this is for desks and projects. desks are made for each area in your life. for example, this includes things like university, health, finances, writing, etc. generally, these are fairly long-term areas. one can also put other categories of things here too, like twitter or career.

projects are the smaller subcategories of desks. one can put courses, personal projects, being part of an org, etc.

aside from these, one may use this place to plan about what kind of projects you want to do. workshop is all about experimenting and trying everything to see what works.


finally, here is Commit (which i've put down as "garden").

this is where tasks and habits are sorted then done. there's not much here to say since it's fairly simple to either keep or remove this section, depending on whether you'd like to replace it with your own task management system.

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