1. What is an event?

An event is a live show during which you can sell your products to your fans and create engaging and authentic experiences.

A percentage of proceeds go to the charity of your choice

2. How do I schedule an event

Forti show - Join show form

3. Commissions

Commissions charged by Forti will be include two parts: one part that goes to Forti, and the other that is donated to the cause associated with the event

Requesting an increase in commission: if you would like to donate more to the charity, you can request to increase the commission. The increase will go

4. Do I need to add a card or pay to use this app?

No, the app is free. We make a profit when users buy your product by taking a commission

5. Associating products

Associate a product to be able to sell on Forti. You will need an Event ID to associate a product

6. How many products can I associate?

To create a curated experience for our users, you can associate a maximum of 3 products per event

7. Featured products

What: Featured products are the ones that will appear first in the list. Users can swipe to see the other products you have associated

How: Click on the yellow star under the Associate / Un-associate button to feature a product. Or, on the event page select the item to feature from the drop down list in the event table.

Changing featured product: featuring a product will automatically un-feature another product