1. Austin Belcak

Way back when I was a fresh bootcamp grad, Austin changed the way I thought of job-hunting and career success.

  1. Yuriy Zaremba

Yuriy is really amazing - he has honest, useful advice and is so easy to talk with. Yuriy is constantly hosting calls and webinars for people in UX design, on a variety of topics. Here's a talk where he delves into lots of UX career related questions.

  1. James Tung James was one of the mentors in a Brandathon challenge I participated in. He is really pretty cool. His design thinking, branding expertise and all-round character is super relatable. (Extra points for interning under Paula Scher!)

  2. Brian Lin When we did virtual coffee, conversation centered around agile, design maturity in companies, and adopting proper mindsets. Brian was super down-to-earth and inspiring to meet.

...So many more mentions that haven't yet made it.