Get the time to work on your bigger projects

Feel part of a community even when working alone at home

Weave 'deep work' techniques into your working day

FLOWN is here to help you fly!

What is FLOWN?

We are a new company by serial entrepreneur Alicia Navarro (founder of Skimlinks), aiming to weave more deep work into our working lives. We launched recently at

What is 'deep work'?

Based on the popular book Deep Work by Cal Newport, 'deep work' is professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free focus, where we get to do the really meaty significant chunks of thinking and working.

Preparing an important presentation, writing a new business strategy, analysing complex data... we all have tasks that will really move the needle for us professionally that we struggle to complete amid all our day-to-day distractions and abundance of micro-tasks, whether we're in an office or working from home.

What does FLOWN offer?

We offer our (free for now!) members a set of tools for achieving 'deep work'. Our most popular tool is Flocks: facilitated deep work sessions where you block out time in your calendar to focus on working silently in the virtual presence of other FLOWN members.

What happens during Flocks sessions?

There are three types of Flocks sessions we provide at various times:

  1. Take-Off - (9:30am UK time) a 20min daily ritual for journaling and intention setting in the presence of other thinkers and creatives like you. Start the day with creativity and purpose!
  2. Deep Dive - (11am UK time) 2 hour session made up of two 50min deep work flights. Our facilitators guides Flock members through setting goals for the sessions, and injects the break with physical movement. Perfect for getting a significant chunk of work done.
  3. Power Hour - (4pm UK time) a 1 hour power hour, made up of two 25min deep work flights. We set goals, and burn through a chunk of work in the silent virtual presence of others.

Open to the full FLOWN community of creatives, thinkers, and innovators.

Take part in the FLOWN Flocks Challenge!

By scheduling in Flocks sessions ahead of time: