Friend, we feel blessed that you're considering joining us on our mission 😍

We're a small but mighty team. We've been the minds and leading product designers, marketers, and developers behind your favorite banking products such as N26, Cookies, Klarna and WeLab, Lighttricks, Google, Wix, and more.

We have left the world of Web2 financial technology behind us (kinda) and are now aiming to provide equal financial opportunities to the world. It’s our mission to onboard the next 100m people onto the blockchain.

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<aside> πŸ’‘ Our vision is to build a company that humans love. We're creating a unique place where everyone evolves into the best, bravest, and most whole version of themselves, by following their passions and curiosities. Flooz's purpose is to create a product that brings occupational, physical, and financial freedom to the world. We're doing so by providing the Pro Tools needed to enable everyone to have equal financial opportunities. To deliver on our purpose, we want to become a role model of a human-centric, self-organized, and passion-driven organization.

This means we put our humans first and empower every team member to be a creator of our organization and the way we work. Everyone has full responsibility, accountability, and autonomy to deliver on our purpose and strategic goals. We all commit to our collective deal of servant leadership, respectful and non-violent communication, and a learner-centric mindset.


View current openings below. If nothing is the perfect fit, send your resume to and we’ll be in touch.

β†’ Flutter Developer - Remote

β†’ QA Engineer - Remote

β†’ Javascript Developer - Remote

β†’ Senior Product Designer - Remote

β†’ Senior Backend Engineer - Remote