Flooz.link 1.2.0 - XX.12.2021

We are incredibly excited with this release and we hope you will be too. We spent the last month building a bunch of new features which we cannot wait to show you.

Check them out πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

πŸ”‘ SuperKeys

SuperKeys are a new way to gate content on Flooz behind a NFT collection.

Only people that have ownership over your NFT will get access to your content - stories, links, private messages, discord/telegram channels and much more! Simple open Flooz.link, add a super key by entering a contract address or pasting a OpenSea link and you're ready to go!

πŸ’« Flooz for everyone!

The day has finally arrived.

Flooz.Link is finally leaving the beta phase and opening its doors to the whole world.

πŸŒ„Β Unsplash Integration

We've integrated Unsplash into Flooz.Link and thus are empowering you to choose among thousands of beautiful pictures to personalize your profile. Change your website background, create beautiful stories or choose the best picture for your blocks.

πŸ”’Β Digital Content and Gated Links

Gated content got a level up! We're preventing anyone from having access to links you're gating. Publish Youtube unlisted videos and only your subscribed fans can have access to it β€” they will never see the URL of the unlisted Youtube link. Woop and FYI, this goes for any link!

πŸ’¬Β Exclusive Chat Block