Flooz.link 1.1.7 - 04.11.2021

This week we added some major new features 🚨 including 👇🏼

🤳 New Camera for iOS

We integrated an Augmented Reality camera with a bunch of fun and crazy filters to modify and enhance your content. New filters coming soon!

💸 New Referral Block

Passive income anyone?

The Flooz eco-system is finally coming together! As you know, we've built Flooz.Trade, our own decentralized exchange that enables you to trade any token and Flooz.Link, our proprietary creator app that enables creators to own a part of the internet, express themselves and to issue their own social tokens & NFTs.

We're incredibly proud to announce that now you can connect any crypto wallet to Flooz.Link, create and publish a Flooz.Trade referral block on your profile! Et voilà: for every trade that your audience is doing you're getting a kickback of 0.1% for ever, for ever ever? Yes, forever.

🎧 Link detection for Spotify and Youtube!

We have now enabled link detection that will allow you to display and consume your YouTube or Spotify links directly on your Flooz profile.

Show off your favorite song or videos. Simply select "Add any link" block, paste a YouTube or a Spotify link and you will magically see them appearing on your profile.

💬 Blast messages!

In our last release, we've given you the tools to reach out directly to your audience. Yes, free SMS and Emails (bye bye Mailchimp - sorry not sorry)! Now these text messages get sent from Flooz Inc instead of a weird dodgy number!

🐛 Fixed some bugs