Collection of know-how and tips for running mev-boost-relay at scale, based on the experience from operating the Flashbots relays.

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<aside> 💡 Capella Upgrades

Overview of Capella changes across the mev-boost stack:

Starting with mev-boost-relay v1.0.0-alpha2, any CL client supporting the payload_attributes SSE event can be used. As of now, this is either

  1. Prysm v4.0.0+
  2. Lighthouse v4.0.1+ (with -always-prepare-payload and -prepare-payload-lookahead 12000 flags and some junk feeRecipeint) </aside>

Architecture diagram

This is a high-level overview of the relay infrastructure (arrows indicating the direction of requests).

(source: Excalidraw)

(source: Excalidraw)