🔀 What are the ACT & SAT exams?

The ACTⓇ (American College Test) and SATⓇ (Scholastic Aptitude Test) are exams that high school students take as one factor for college admissions. Although some schools are phasing out standardized tests, many still use test scores as an important aspect of admissions. Schools that don't consider the SAT or ACT are called test-optional schools. Those schools let students decide whether they want to submit test scores with their application. That means these schools will consider scores if they are submitted, but focus on other factors that are better predictors of success in college.Crimson Education has a list of every school going test-optional in the 2021-2022 school year.

Before determining which test you want to choose, here are some basics. Remember, neither test hold more or less weight than the other. However, it might be best to look at the average ACT or SAT score of students at a certain college to see a benchmark of where you should be.

ACT/SAT Basics

⏰ How much time would I have?

If you perform better on tests with more time, then the SAT is the better option for you. On average, each question on the SAT has more time than on the ACT. If you were to spend the same amount of time on each question, the chart shows the time per question:

Time Per Question

There are a few key differences between the ACT and the SAT. The ACT has around 1 minute to finish each math problem in the math section. Although this might seem like a significant amount of time, it passes by quickly. The SAT, however, has 87 seconds on the math with a calculator section and 75 seconds on the math section without a calculator. This might not seem like a large time difference, but every second matters.

🤷 What's on the test?

Each test has its own type of content. For example, ACT's reading is relatively more straightforward since it has less time. However, it requires you to read through the passages and answer questions fast. Because of that, if you are someone who needs more time to process content and questions (especially with reading), the SAT may be a better option.

Test Content

🙋‍♀️ I want to take the test! Which should I take?

It's important to take a practice test for each, then decide which fits you better. Because of the way people learn, there is no one right answer. The main difference between the ACT and SAT is that the ACT only has one math section but has an additional science section. If you enjoy reading science passages, you may want to try out the SAT! Taking a practice test for each (around 3 hours) will make a big difference in the long run because you'll be maximizing your time—focusing on the test that suits you as a test-taker and learner better.

The ACT might be better than the SAT if:

The SAT might be better than the ACT if:

📚 How do I prep for the test?

Standardized tests all follow a similar format. You should not expect anything different from your practice tests. Taking past released tests and tests from the College Board/ACT will allow you to be familiar with the difficulty of the test, but if you want to amp up the difficulty, you can get test prep books such as Princeton Review and Barron's. Because of the way standardized tests work, it's truly important to just keep practicing and understanding your mistakes. Some will write their mistakes in a notebook and write how they could avoid that mistake. Since questions on standardized tests follow a similar format, your mistakes may repeat. That's why the writing mistakes method is effective.

All in all, it's important to both get concepts set and practice tests done. In the table below, we have included many SAT/ACT resources for you to look through.

🧮 What is my ACT score in SAT terms, and vice versa?