Thank you 🙏 for volunteering to be a Fish Rules beta tester. We appreciate your time and we are thrilled and honored you are a user of Fish Rules (the coolest fishing regulation app out there).

🐡 Download the Beta

If you're on iOS (Apple), get it here.

If you're on Android (Google), get it here.

🎣 Providing Feedback

Please use this form to provide any additional beta feedback you'd like to pass on to us.

On iOS, the beta app gives you the ability to take a screenshot in the app and provide feedback right from that screen. You will see instructions on how that works when you install the beta.

Some important things we want to hear from you include:

<aside> 💡 Go to the Feedback Form


🐠 About Fish Rules v6.

Version 6 represents the biggest design change we've done. We have some newer branding, improved the awareness of the location-aware regulation zones, and a renewed emphasis on fish logging, and current trip / "your net" features.

<aside> 📼 Check out this YouTube video overview of version 6