<aside> ūüé• At FilmChain we realise that 2020 brought some major changes. While the appetite for documentaries is bigger than ever, to quote John Sloss of Cinetic Media "It's the Golden Age for docs", yet funding is scarce.


Docs have seen great popularity with broadcasters, as well as digital, and yet the access to funding and revenues has been challenging. Festivals put on hold, limited access to markets, funding calls postponed and grants more scarce - all have been impacting some truly important stories. These stories need to be told.

We are honoured at FilmChain to support some incredible docs including the double Academy Awards-nominated "COLLECTIVE".

Assessing how we can contribute to the making of these films we have decided to run a special offer.

<aside> ūüí° At FilmChain, we have decided to waive our setup fee of ¬£3,000 for documentaries that meet the eligibility criteria below.

The offer is running throughout 2021, for any film title that signs the Terms of Service agreement by 31st of December 2021 (terms and conditions apply).

Email us at team@filmchain.co.


The only fee will be a commission from revenues, offsetting the costs for producers, sales agents and the rest of the stakeholders until the film is distributed, we hope far and wide.



In order to assess the eligibility and scope of the project please email the FilmChain team at team@filmchain.co the following submission. Only emails addressing the questions below will be considered. *Please note questions 3-6 do not impact your eligibility for the offer.

  1. What is the theme of your project and how does that fit the scope of the grant?
  2. Please share a short (under 600 characters) synopsis.
  3. What is the budget and format of the project?
  4. What stage of financing are you at? Are any public financiers involved?
  5. Do you have Sales attached/in negotiations and if yes, did they offer any sales estimates?
  6. How many beneficiaries are due to recoup revenues from the film? *Beneficiaries represent everyone who needs to get paid not just the signatory parties. FilmChain needs the total number of platform users who will withdraw funds.