<aside> 💡 Solana and Figment are awarding $15k in SOL to the best Solana tutorials. The contest ends on September 30th!


Solana has emerged in 2021 as the hottest Layer 1 after Ethereum. Through a unique blend of eight technological innovations (a consensus algorithm called Proof of History, a parallel smart contracts run-time, etc) it alleviates many of the problems that plague other blockchains and has been able to reach record levels of speed and transaction volumes.

Figment’s mission is to build a better internet by increasing usage of the next generation of Proof of Stake blockchains. With Figment Learn we want to help developers onboard on Web 3 technologies with the best courses and community tutorials.

As part of the Solana Ignition hackathon (Aug 31 - Oct 8, 2021), Figment and Solana are partnering to reward the best educational content on Solana. And we're awarding $15k in SOL!

3 Categories

💡 Explain Solana's innovations without jargon

Solana is famously based on 8 core innovations, from Proof of History (its consensus algorithm) to Sealevel (its smart contract execution environment).

Can you explain what Solana does and how it does it to an audience of tech savvy but non developers? We're looking for the right metaphors and analogies that help get learners to that aha moment, the right tone that doesn't feel technical and jargony but instead strives at bridging a gap in knowledge with perspective and empathy. Look at this thread we published on The Graph as an inspiration for the tone. Bonus point for visual illustrations/animations!

💡 Write a tutorial on building a Solana Explorer using the dApp Scaffold

Where would React be without Create React App? It has allowed millions of developers to onboard on React without the hassle of creating a project, putting together npm packages, configuring Webpack, etc. Developer adoption hinges on better tools like those and Solana has something similar: the dApp scaffold.

The challenge is to create a tutorial for that dApp Scaffold by creating a simple clone of the Solana Explorer. Feel free to narrow down the subset of features of course, but use this opportunity to explore as many areas of the scaffold as possible. Bonus point for video content!

💡 Write a tutorial on building a simple blog platform with Anchor

If you're familiar with developing in Ethereum's Solidity, Truffle, web3.js then using Anchor will be familiar. 90% of builders on Solana are now using it! Solidity devs are finding this the smoothest path to go from Ethereum to Solidity. Read the docs and check the project's GitHub.

The challenge is to build the simplest blog platform using the Anchor framework and make a tutorial out of it. Bonus points for a video walkthrough of building the dApp!


The contest starts on Tuesday, September 7th and ends on Thursday, September 30th.

Prizes: $15k in SOL

For each of the three categories we will be awarding three prizes: