Projects & Campaigns

Active Dates

If using the timeline view, you can simply drag the appropriate or approximate project length.


List the areas that most directly apply to this project or campaign.


Projects and campaigns are typically done for a reason. Whether you are beginning with clear objectives, then working back to consider which projects will best help you reach them; or beginning with a project you're working on and considering 'why' you are doing it—linking projects with objectives is one of the best ways to stay aligned in your efforts.

Related Actions

Projects have actions tied to them. If the project is small enough to be completed as an action (say, in one sitting) then it's best to create it as an action and not a project.

Projects and campaigns are typically larger efforts which contain multiple actions and tasks within them. 'Launch the new website', for example, might be a project that you're working on for the upcoming month. Within that project, there will be many actions related—'Wireframe main pages', 'Write the homepage copy', 'Design the hero section', 'Create thumbs and designs', 'Send to a friend for review', etc.

Each of these actions, when created, can be linked to the 'Launch the new website' project. That way, when you click into your project, you'll see a list of all actions tied to it.

Progress Bar

The progress bar then directly feeds on the 'completed actions' versus 'total actions' lists. Whenever you complete a task within a project, you can select the 'completed' checkbox. This will automatically clear the task from your dashboard and update the Progress % on your project.


If your project makes use of a particular toolkit, you can link to the Tools database with this field.

Project Template

We have pre-built a project template to help you scope each new project added. Simply select the 'Project Template' button when creating a new project and it will pre-populate with a few key areas and prompts to help get you started.


Projects & Campaigns