The Kids First Portal hosts thousands of data files holding patients' genetic information. These files are protected under a three-tier system. Some files are open access - any visitor to the website can explore these data. Many others are controlled access and require permission from an associated Data Access Committee (DAC).

The three-tier system of data access types within the Kids First DRC.

The three-tier system of data access types within the Kids First DRC.

How do I determine whether the files I am interested in are controlled access?

Before you can apply to access data, first check the Studies and Access page. On that page, find the study you are interested in and then check what DAC controls it. After you’ve found out what DAC is responsible for the study you are interested in, follow our application instructions below.

My study requires an application through dbGaP...

dbGaP (Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes) is an NIH platform that archives and distributes data from funded studies. All studies that are part of the Kids First program require an application through dbGaP in order to gain access.

Users can submit an application to dbGaP on their website, here.

Instructions with images, provided by the Genomic Data Commons, are here.

Note: dbGaP applications are limited to an individual. Applicants can also request other downloaders can be authorized on a single application, for example other members of a laboratory. Be sure to use their eRA Commons ID in the application.

My study is part of the CBTTC...

The CBTTC manages access to its own datasets. You can submit an application for either specimens or data access on their website, here.

My application was approved, but I still can't see the files...

Check our Troubleshooting Page for suggestions of possible solutions.

Why can’t I access certain datasets?