<aside> 📑 This is a summary of our full legal document which will be released soon.

Last edited: 17th November 2021.


Terms of Service.

  1. While you purchase something from TheCluster, you automatically accept the Terms of Service if you do not, you will not be allowed to use any of our services.

  2. We demand a 100% upfront payment for all projects, except 50% upfront for a regular job/project. We acknowledge small graphic designing or bot development services as normal jobs/projects.

  3. You may not resell any goods/products made by any of TheCluster's freelancers without clear authorization to do so. You hold the option to discuss this in your commission ticket with your freelancer. You may not resell our products if the freelancer denies them

  4. All payments must persist through PayPal goods and services by invoices. Our team of freelancers will generate invoices through Cluster's bot. The client can pay through that only. This may vary in some exceptional events.

  5. We hold the right to use any finished project on our social media or web-based portfolio unless the client has explicitly requested us not to. We may exclude names in such circumstances and attach a short description along with the actual product.

  6. All scam reports/statements must go straight to the freelancer completing the project/job. If you feel like TheCluster or the owner is involved, please tag us in the report, and we will reply within a few hours. TheCluster is not accountable for any payments/funds transferred to the freelancer.

  7. We possess the liberty to reject or terminate services if it is an infringement of our Terms of Service or any laws placed by any nations linked with the purchase. We also hold the right to revoke or terminate services that we are not comfortable with terms encircling or developments/instructions not made clear before the project has started.

  8. You must invariably obey our rules, if you infringe them, you may be banned, any active projects on TheCluster will not get reimbursed. Kindly have a glance at these rules on our discord server (discord.gg/rFC7j4n).

  1. TheCluster stores all files concerning your project, but we encourage you to retain backups. If you lose any repository or something is missing, you have time to contact us and get a copy.
  1. We have a strict no refund policy. It remains intact unless specified conditions have been adhered to. For more information, please scroll down and head towards the refund policy segment.

  2. You as the purchaser pay a supplementary fee. PayPal fees of 5% and automatically calculated when your invoice gets generated.

  3. When a new freelancer is set to the commission, the commission is recorded as a new commission, and that means that the previous details, quotes, deadlines, and other information are no longer valid. New information must be reviewed and must be accepted upon by the new freelancer.

  4. You're not entitled to claim or copy any of Cluster's work as your own, nor mimic/copy any of our documents.

  5. We offer 14 days of support after your project has been completed. After this period, you are obligated to pay for the changes and discuss them with your commission manager.

  6. If you as a client do not respond in over two weeks, the order will be labeled as finished and archived/deleted.

Extra Charges.