When asked, most Notion users will say they started using the tool because they saw a template or use case that inspired them. They suddenly saw how Notion could be useful for their life and work. This is the power of templates. Here at Notion, we want to create more templates that can significantly help people across goals, teams, industries, countries, and more.

To make this possible, we're looking to hire someone who can oversee all template operations - creation, discovery, usage, moderation, editorial, and more. Currently, our community is making and submitting thousands of templates every month. Some folks make a living selling them as products. Others do it just for fun. We have the opportunity to build out a robust marketplace and platform - think the Apple App Store for Notion - and make it a vibrant, interactive destination for our millions of users around the world. The person in this role will have free rein to build, manage, and innovate in this area.

What you'll achieve

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Locations: 🌁 San Francisco, CA · 🗽New York, NY


<aside> 👉 To apply, please send over your resume and a Notion template you've created.