Not all mods here have a wiki, this page simply lists all mods that are made by FTB.

FTB Academy Mod

FTB Auxilium

FTB Backups

FTB Banners

FTB Chunks

FTB Dripper

FTB Essentials

FTB Guides

FTB Jar Mod

FTB Library

FTB Money

FTB Quests

FTB Ranks

FTB Sluice

FTB Structures

FTB Team Islands

FTB Teams

FTB Trophies

FTB Tutorial Mod

FTB Tweaks

FTB Ultimine

FTB Utilities


All of the FTB mods, found in our Github, and any other mods made and developed by the FTB Organization, are licensed under All Rights Reserved. For transparency, we have most of our mods with visible source which can be found on Github.

Source code & Binaries

All Rights Reserved

Development versions

You can find dev versions of the mods here, but it's not recommended to use them for anything other than testing a bug or as mod dependency. You won't be able to upload modpacks on CurseForge with these jars.


All mod logos are made by under CC BY 3.0 license.