We recently stumbled upon a Firstround Review blog about writing a manual for others about yourself. In short: we advise our leaders at Blendle to write a User Guide for their team members. The guide is a living and breathing document which gives really concrete pointers on how to work with you. It also gives more context and information about you, so people understand why you do things or act a certain way.

Answering these questions is a quick way to do it. Below are more advanced examples.

Oh, made a guide? Share it with other leads!


This a great and advanced example from the guy from the formerly mentioned blog:

This is the blog post we were talking about:

The Indispensable Document for the Modern Manager

Rick wrote a blog post about it in Dutch.

Werk Slim - Een gebruikershandleiding voor jezelf

There, you can find this other great example:

How to Rands