At Gitcoin we truly believe in the value of “building in public”, and including the voice of our community in every step of our development. This is demonstrated (among many other ways) through the regular user research done by our product team, hackathons designed to put the power of our tools and data into the hands of the people, and our regular community calls - the longest-standing of which is ✨ DAO Vibes.


As a call with a rich history, this space has gone through as many changes as the DAO itself. In its current iteration, the majority of DAO Vibes calls are only open to Gitcoin Citizens (DAO Citizen Resource Hub). This is to ensure a high quality of engagement, and encourage community members to participate more actively, something that is harder to do in formats such as a Discord Stage or Twitter Space.

The format usually consists of the framing of a topic related to Gitcoin DAO’s work by a Gitcoin Citizen (contributor or community member), followed by a free-flowing discussion facilitated by the call’s hosts (Safder Raza and Madison Adams). The facilitators may also use tools such as Miro/Figma to encourage participation.


Examples of content that’s been covered at previous calls includes:

As long as it relates to what we’re building at Gitcoin DAO, it’s a great potential topic for DAO Vibes. As a call that’s owned by our community, we’re highly open to suggestions which you can submit by filling out this form.

How to Participate

DAO Vibes Calls