@ Luko Engineering - any position

<aside> 💡 TL;DR ⏰ Duration: 45 or 60 minutes 🗃 Format: Behavioural interview 🗒 Preparation: Be comfortable with using the S/TAR method


What is it about?

We are looking to learn as much as possible about each candidate and this includes soft and personal skills as well. We would like to learn more about your values and virtues - how you behave and act in different situations. This is very important to fit well at Luko to be a successful Lukoom.

What should you expect?

<aside> 🏗️ Structure 1️⃣ We ask questions**:** 30-45 min 2️⃣ You ask questions: 15 min


This is a 45- or 60-min interview depending on if you are applying for a maker (IC) or a manager position at Luko. We will immediately jump on our discussion to cover a few topics. (hint) Hence, do not expect any long introductions. We will spend 30-45 min on discussing a couple situations from your past experience and you will have the opportunity to ask your questions in the last 15-20 min. We encourage you to ask some of them again as you will be speaking to a different person and they might bring a different perspective to the same topics you have learnt about before.

What do we expect?

This is a behavioural interview and the focus is on past situations from your experience. We would like to hear about real situations that have already completed and the results are clear. A great way to answer behavioural questions is using the S/TAR method. We will expect you to use this method to guide us through your experience. You can find more information about how to prepare using this method here. You can expect that with every situation we will be asking clarification and follow up questions.

You can expect that we will be helping you through out the interview by guiding you if you are off track answering a question or if we see that you are not diving deep enough for us to understand all the details. Indeed, we are very data-driven and we are interested in understanding how you used data to act in the different situations and how did you know that your actions did have the desired impact.

💪🏽 Lots of luck and we are looking forward to speaking to you!

You can read more about our principles here.