I've posted over 400 pieces of content in Bitclout and I believe, it has helped many Creators to get ideas and improve their businesses. However, it's inconvenient to scroll and also, some posts are only for trivia.

So, I've meticulously go through each of my content and selected the ones that could be useful for a Creator in Bitclout social media. It took me months to learn what works and I'm sharing them here for free.

Enjoy reading them.

P.S: I'll continue to update more.


  1. Why Bitclout is remarkable - now you can be a publicly traded individual, just like a company. Do you comprehend how insane this is and how it empowers everyone?

  1. If you want to get exposure in social media, post content. Bitclout's the same.

Nobody wants to read about your cat unless you are Taylor Swift, but people will read your stuff if you can help them make advancement. They may even buy your coin.

  1. Earlier I predicted why Gary Vaynerchuk won't join.