Apify's student project ideas (OLD)

This page contains a list of ideas for paid student projects at Matfyz, including BSc, MSc theses, or Software Projects. If you're interested in any of the projects, have your own idea, or would like to try an internship with us, just write to matfyz@apify.com. Even if you're from ČVUT 😉

About Apify

👉 What we do

We're on a mission to make the web more programmable. Apify provides a cloud infrastructure and tools that let people automate anything a person can do manually in a web browser, and run it at scale. We crawl websites, scrape useful information and do their further processing. We also automate routine tasks such as filling in forms or uploading files. In other words, we let robots do the grunt work and save people’s time on things that matters.

💾 Technologies

Apify's systems process billions of web pages and hundreds of terabytes of data every month. Our stack is based on AWS, Linux, Node.js, MongoDB, and dozens of other services. We mostly work in JavaScript and TypeScript but we can also welcome other programming languages

🌐 About us

Apify was founded in 2016 by two friends who met during their studies at MFF UK. Currently, we're about 80 people, based in an office in Prague's Lucerna Palace. And moreover, about 20% of the company is from Matfyz. 🙂

Learn more at apify.com/about or https://apify.com/jobs.

List of Student Projects

Here is a list of projects in the area of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence that Apify can cover. If you like any of them, or if you have your own ideas which you’d like to share, just contact us.

Student projects