I'm Samuel, a Creative Freelance Graphic Designer, within 23 years old, based in Italy. This is my usual process to start a project work.

🇮🇹 Design Process

01. Brainstorming

02. Analyze & Research

03. Sketch the concept

04. Execution & Development

05. Refining, Finalization & Delivery

06. Improvments & Optimize

01. Brainstorm ↓

The first part of our process is about learning all about your industry. I will work with you to understand your organization's needs and goals. Finding out the problems and the main purposes of the project.

02. Research ↓

What we will do next is coming up with ideas and recommendations to solve your problems, we will analyze the most popular Competitors and Brands to set Goals for yours and make your customers fall in love with it.

03. Concept ↓

Together we’ll create a custom solution that specifically addresses your needs with ideas listing, drawing /sketching different concepts.

04. Execute ↓

We'll finally bring these ideas to life. We will create the visual language you really wanted, set some guidelines for your Brand as styles, colors, typography, and more to come!