Activating Everyday Investors 🌱

Troop /tro͞op/

noun. A group of people or animals of a particular kind––especially gorillas 🦍

Troop is a venture-backed fintech platform that helps everyday investors pool their shareholder voting rights into a single activist block to influence companies on environmental, social and governance issues.

We partner with industry-leading activist hedge funds and shareholder advocacy groups to center shareholder activist campaigns that harbor the most potential to drive social impact and financial returns.

Inspired by the $GME, r/wallstreetbets, and Web3 movements in recent years, we believe that collective mobilization, coordination of capital, and strategic action are key to holding publicly traded companies accountable in manifesting a future that we can all profit from.

Read more about our thesis here.

About Us 🚀

Based in the Dumbo Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, we’re a diverse team of designers, developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs with experiences at Bloomberg, Riskified, Depop, Genius, Namely, and Techstars, among others. Though we come from many different backgrounds, we’re united by a single passion to empower everyday investors in shaping corporate impact in the world.

We believe in an egalitarian and collaborative approach, with an emphasis on mutual support, and the willingness to experiment together, learn together, and succeed together. If you’re looking for an environment that nurtures opportunities for career development, individual agency, and changing the world––Troop is the place for you.

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