July 22, 2021

NEW: RAx Summarizer

Now you can quickly skim through your reading list using "RAx Summarizer". It automatically generates summaries of a research paper to help you quickly decide which papers are most relevant to your work, thereby saving time for reading the important papers.

Here's the sneak peek:


Apr 28, 2021

NEW: Key Insights toolkit

You can now capture or recall insights that are important to you, directly from key insights.

Pin sections, take notes, highlight or discuss points of interest.

Pin sections of interest, so your insights appear at the top 👉


Select text to access your note taking and exploration tools 👉 ****

directly from Key Insights


Apr 20, 2021

NEW: Quick view paper details

Curate your reading list and find and recall connections easily. You can now access more details and related information directly from your project dashboard.

Simply hover over a paper and click 'More details' to see 👉



Apr 15, 2021

NEW: Explore related survey papers

You can now find related survey papers to make it easier to see the most recent types of research questions, approaches or evaluations methods in relation to your topic.

Find out how you can use survey papers to find your research focus faster in our latest blog post