Pandas is a powerful data manipulation library that provides fast and flexible data structures designed to work with structured data, such as spreadsheets and databases. It offers a wide range of functions for data cleaning, filtering, transforming, and merging.

Pandas Profiling

Pandas Profiling is a powerful tool that provides descriptive statistics and an interactive report for a Pandas DataFrame. It is an open-source Python library that creates a report on your data quickly and efficiently. The report includes a wide range of information about the data, including the number of missing values, data types, unique values, and much more.

Features of Pandas Profiling

Pandas Profiling provides several features to get a comprehensive overview of the data. These features include:

  1. General information: The report generated by Pandas Profiling provides an overview of the dataset, including the number of observations, number of variables, size of the dataset, and memory usage.


  1. Variable types: Pandas Profiling determines the data type of each variable and provides information on the number of categorical, numerical, and Boolean variables.


  1. Missing values: The report identifies the number and percentage of missing values in each variable.


  1. Unique values: Pandas Profiling provides information on the number of unique values in each variable.