The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is a neutral third-party role designed to evaluate WAX Guild Candidates' contribution to the ecosystem and provide ongoing transparency for the community. The office is designed as a committee with 3 inspector generals who will standardize WAX Guild evaluations, and properly recognize those WAX Guilds making valuable contributions to the WAX ecosystem.

ZenBlocks (Marlon Williams) is the First Active Inspector General.

EOS Detroit (Rob Konsdorf) is the First Standby Inspector General.

EOS Barcelona (Josep Rosich) is the Second Standby Inspector General.

Evaluation Process

Guilds will be evaluated on a monthly basis on the criteria below. The committee will publish the cutoff date for rating Guilds each month.

The criteria will consist of binary line items in a range of weighted categories; either the Guild gets the full mark or none. The committee believes this will make it easier to evaluate Guilds fairly.

Core criteria must be fulfilled to be considered for a rating. Bonus criteria will improve a Guild's score, and isn't required to gain a rating.

Guild Interview Process

Administrative Maturity

Ability to communicate to the greater WAX community, coordinate with other Guilds, and keep status up to date on commitments and obligations to the network. Shows up to agreed upon meetings on time.

Required Skills

Organizational, Written Communication, Time Management

Core Criteria

Bonus Criteria