See table of content helps brands, NGOs, artistes, influencers etc to process the making of their merch products - a way that fans and well-wishers can support the work they do.

<aside> 👇 Please follow the steps to get started with our merch programme


  1. Create a store at and follow the onboarding process.
  2. Create your design if you don't have one yet. ( is a good source of design inspiration if you need some)
  3. View the list of products you can design for
  4. Place your design, art or photo into a fitting mockup. E.g if your product is a canvas, place your design into a canvas mockup . You can use
  5. Add your mockup on your store as a product
  6. Set your price, based on information here.
  7. Add delivery fee to your store. Delivery fee in Lagos is #1600. Other location prices coming soon
  8. Drop the PDF or vector format of your design here. We use the files to process the printing when orders come in
  9. Please message us on Instagram if you have any questions: