Geenee offers the ability to mint your Projects and sell the NFT via the Mintable marketplace. Post publishing a modal will open to take you through the flow.

1 of a kind: If you choose to mint, you will no longer be able to edit your project as it becomes a unique rarefied original piece of digital art sold to just one owner.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Through a simple flow, our system creates your Ethereum wallet, mints your project on the blockchain and then pushes your NFT to the Mintable marketplace so people can find and purchase. Via our flow, you will add information such as images & description to make it market-friendly. Once you publish the NFT, you will also get a link to your NFT marketplace page on Mintable as well as your seller ID. Like anything that is for sale, the more you market your work, the more likely it will sell at the highest bid.

Money: The money you make from your sale will be deposited as Ethereum into your wallet accessible via your Geenee NFT Dashboard. There you can also find status of your NFTs and have the ability to transfer your funds to another crypto wallet. For more information on recommended wallets, please continue.