Client name: Aquib Jawed

Profession: Fullstack Developer at

Project Duration: 45 days


Aquib Jawed is an example of an extremely hardworking professional, managing FrontEnd development at a Startup called which helps opportunity seekers to land 10x better opportunities using this platform where you get to upload your proof of work in an organised manner and show it to your potetial client.

Executive Summary

In this duration of 45 days project focused on getting more signups on the platform, selecting certain strategies which do not demand for extra dime or time of my client was the main purpose.

My role and Responsibilities

My role was primarily as a Social Media marketer and personal brand manager, carrying out activities to maintain and improve the social reputation on Twitter while putting out quality content to crack that social and convert qualified leads.

Problems and Challenges

Problem: The biggest challenge for my client was to actually invest time in building a loyal community around his own personal brand and build awareness about Fueler within this community

Challenge: Initially, my goal was to create a strong presence on Twitter for Aquib’s

profile, attract new, relevant connections and keep a high level of engagement with them. Later, we accepted our next challenge — use his profile to drive users.



We started by identifying the target audience. The goal was to reshape the existing image of prospects (those who were in the Development industry seeking opportunities ) into characteristics that match Twitter search so that we can precisely target them in the future. Along with a few brand strategy which helps us align the foundation of his personal brand with Company’s purpose,


Twitter Profile Optimization.

The next step was polishing the profile. The texts, visuals and the overall structure needed to be in the best shape possible, so that people would be more likely to connect with Aquib

Instead of blindly pushing the follow button, we opened their profile, made sure that person is worth following and connecting with (profile is not empty, shows some activity in the relevant industry).