Welcome to Farewill! Or if you’ve been here forever – hello! Either way, our Handbook is for you to find out all sorts of stuff about working here.

The handbook will give you a quick intro to how we work and how we think about what we do at Farewill. Its goal is to be a point of reference - whether you’re a co-founder, or it’s your first day.

The success we’ve had so far has been down to the people in our team, the culture we’re creating, and the principles and processes we’ve worked out together. Collectively, these are what help us build important things that we’re proud of, and have fun while we’re at it! (see below)

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Helena "having fun"

Helena "having fun"

About Farewill

Farewill was founded in 2015 by Dan and Tom, starting out as an idea Dan had at the Royal College of Art. We have one very ambitious and important mission at the heart of everything we do:


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Your first week

The goal of your first week is to be a human sponge:

👋 Meet your new teammates

🛠 Get to grips with the tools we use

🚀 Learn about what we’re currently working on and what's coming next

🧽 Soak it all up!