Interview with **Hon. Minister

Simon Kofe, Government of Tuvalu**

In this session, we sit down with Simon Kofe, Hon. Min. of Justice, Communication & Foreign Affairs for the Government of Tuvalu. We discuss his career history from lawyer to government leader, the role that Tuvalu plays in Oceanic geopolitics, and the Tuvalu National Digital Ledger blockchain project.

**Community, DAOs & Bitcoin

with Patrick Thompson**

Gorilla DAO recently took the Bitcoin (BSV) community by storm. Coming out from seemingly nowhere, a bold founder (Patrick Thompson) took ape memes and pushed Bitcoin apps to its limits by attempting to run a DAO on it with its members (Gorillas). It's a fascinating experiment that has fascinated us from a community and cultural perspective.

**How Wolf Packs Inspire Our Work

in Community & Technology**

We dive into our founder's fascination with wolves, how it relates to our work with community and technology (e.g. Bitcoin), and details about our productivity accelerator The Pack.

Interview with **Vikram Bharati,

Founder of Draper Startup House International**

**Blockchain, Scaling & BitcoinSV

with Calvin Ayre**

**Taking The Long Road & Education

with Dr. Craig Wright**