Concerned about free thought online? Welcome to ♾PLATF0RM.

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost." - Thomas Jefferson, January 28, 1786

PLATF0RM is a blockchain native web3 media cooperative and publisher, owned by its creators. We’re a cooperative of writers, content creators, editors, distributors, and members, all with a say in the content we publish. Our decentralized system, built on transparency, resiliency to censorship, and community ownership, uses blockchain governance and p2p distribution channels to ensure that liberty, and the freedom of press upon which it depends, can never be extinguished.

... Like if the New York Times did its job ... and had a baby with Wikileaks.

Un-Censorable ✔️

PLATF0RM deploys two different decentralized technologies to ensure that our editorial process, fund allocation, and distribution channels can never be censored, blocked, or manipulated.

Blockchain Governance 〰️

Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are blockchain Smart Contracts that allow individuals to work in coordinated action without a centralized or hierarchical structure.

PLATF0RM DAO, the governance structure that runs PLATF0RM, uses Dao Haus on an Ethereum side chain. All content proposals, membership subscriptions, and payments are recorded transparently on the blockchain in accordance with the PLATF0RM CONSTITUTION. We use tokens to run our reputation-based voting, integrity and equity systems, and we hold our funds in a cryptographically secure vault that can only be accessed through democratic process.

Because PLATF0RM is run through a Smart Contract, we are digitally bound to the organization’s mission: to promote free speech, sensemaking, and transparency. Creators and editors retain the majority of the voting reputation currency and our members co-own the PLATF0RM by buying equity tokens. For the first time in human history, a project of vast scale doesn’t need vast bureaucracy. On PLATF0RM DAO, everyone has a voice and everyone gets paid for what they contribute.

InterPlanetary File System 🔛

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.

As opposed to a centrally located server, IPFS is built around a decentralized system of user-operators who hold a portion of the overall data, creating a resilient system of file storage and sharing. By distributing PLATF0RM directly p2p using IPFS via the .crypto blockchain domain, we avoid censorship from big tech and governments by distributing our content to hundreds of nodes simultaneously. Maintaining the IPFS hosting requires peer support, so we offer token bounties to incentivize people around the world to host PLATF0RM nodes.

Augmenting Reality➿ - IRL & Digital Distribution

Blockchains are cool, but you can’t hold them in your hands as you sit by the window with a cup of coffee. We want to see PLATF0RM distributed in physical form by our decentralized network of peer distributors. Distributors get paid just like creators. All distributors need to do is submit some proof and receipts as a proposal to the DAO. We envision makerspaces and community groups worldwide printing and distributing PLATF0RM for free in physical form as a gift from our members to the world.

NFTs💱 - Digital Assets of the Future

All published articles on PLATF0RM are also converted in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are collectible cryptographically secured assets that represent a unique work of human creativity. Anyone can read PLATF0RM, but if you want to own a piece of history, you can buy PLATF0RM NFTs on Open Sea. Our NFTs are owned by the cooperative, so members, creators, and editors all get a slice of the digital pie. If someone buys an NFT from PLATF0RM, everyone get paid for the work they did together to make it happen.