3ID is an identity system built into 3Box (live with 700+ apps and 20,000+ users) and Ceramic Network (summer 2020) that is designed as robust, flexible and interoperable identity standard built around DIDs. It is built for interoperability across every network and to work with other DID methods so that any account type, network, data technology, and infrastructure can leverage a single flexible middleware to provide interoperability between them and applications leveraging them.

Key capabilities of the identity standard are:

This identity model lets users control their full identity with their private keys (on any network), and to aggregate account links, auth methods, claims, and other data. By doing so on an interoperable identity standard, this information is portable across protocols and apps rather than siloed to one network or key type.

This 'identity-centric interoperability' gives any app or network reusable identity capabilities that fit their needs while also creating strong composability. The 3Box current architecture shows the role of 3ID middleware while the full and current identity standard can be found here.